Election Committee was hard at work and brought recommendations to the board general meeting  in April for potential upgrades to our Election Standing Rules.

The recommendations did not pass, coming up just short one in-favor vote. Final votes from the board being 7 votes in favor and 4 not in favor.

Note that to pass the changes to the  Election Standing Rules a 2/3 majority vote is needed, thus last year's Standing rules remain in effect.

There was lots of expressed interest in learning more about the Election Committee's recommendations from our neighbors at the April 9th General meeting.

In summary, the key recommendations were in creating early voting opportunities and improving the election process. Early voting will allow families with children to vote, and provide opportunities and access for those who cannot vote on a single night. The election process would improve by avoiding arduous multiple-round elections, and instead have a single-round of voting. Other election improvements would seat board members in a more representative manner.


Problems with At-Large voting 

The Election Committee early on went over options for new voting methods since the current system used by the RNA has many potential flaws. Continue reading to learn more.


From Fairvote.org...

Regarding At-Large Voting: "...because this is a winner-take-all system, at-large voting shares most of the same problems as single-member district plurality voting, including the misrepresentation of parties, manufactured majorities, low voter turnout, high levels of wasted votes, and denial of fair representation to third parties, racial minorities and women. And it may make some of these problems worse. In particular, this system tends to be the worst at representing racial and political minorities. It allows a majority of the voters to win all the seats on the city council, thus shutting out these minorities from representation. Finally, at-large voting, in its most common form, fails to ensure that all neighborhoods in the city are represented."


From nonprofitvote.org

"At-Large voting method turns out to be illegal to use in Federal Elections and has been discarded by most states. The election improvements we sought would upgrade our voting to be fair and equitable to all members of the community."


STAR Voting system

In an effort to solve our current At-Large voting system, the Election Committee looked at the STAR Voting system.

"S.T.A.R." stands for Score-Then-Automatic-Runoff

Below are 3 simple videos that may help you understand the STAR system.