4130 SE Division

4130 SE Division - Rendering - NW Corner

4130 SE Division - Rendering - NW Corner

Location: South Side of Division between 41st & 43rd (map)
Currently: Division Medical Center
Architect: Baysinger Partners Architecture
Owner: Unsold as of yet
Permit: 2017-260750-000-00-CO
Development: Construction of a 4 story, 19-unit residential, multifamily building.

Developer Q&A

The RNA Land Use & Transportation Committee Chair had a chance to talk about the project with one of the architects, Matthew Lillard. 

Why here?
Q: What factors made you want to develop on this lot? 
A: Familiarity with the neighborhood and increasing the use potential of land from the current use.

The Market
Q: Obviously you've done some market research. Tell us more about the demands you see and how your building helps address them.  
A: There is still a very strong demand for housing in the neighborhood and city.  Our building provides 19 units, all at two bedrooms. Owners/ developer are providing two bedroom units to fit a missing need in housing as other developers are providing smaller studios to increase rent dollars per square foot.  They are providing more generous units to decrease turnover.

Q: Parking in the neighborhood has become increasingly difficult. What part will this new facility play in that equation? 
A: We are providing 8 on-site spaces for our building.  There is an additional 3 potential unassigned street spaces in front of our development (the new Trimet bus line may affect these in the future with a stop up the street).  Comparable to other recent developments, the developers recognize the parking needs and are providing a high percentage of parking in comparison to the market.  While the city does not require any on-site parking for our number of units, we are providing tuck under/covered parking   We are also providing interior guest and in-unit bike parking for the residents.   

Commercial Space
Q: You are in a commercially-zoned property. Why are you not building any commercial space as part of your property? 
A: The owner/developers do not want the commercial space competing and demanding parking from the rental units.  They would rather add the parking area for the residents than add retail/commercial on a poor retail/commercial site.  With onsite parking, the building and space for commercial is small and not a great space for smaller shop in the mid-block at this part of division.   The adjacent corner and larger lot will remain a better retail site.  We will retain the shared parking access with the neighbor

Great spaces make for great communities
Q: What are you doing to make the place excellent for those who live/work in your place and those who live/work near it? 
A: They are trying to make sure each downstairs unit has an outdoor space and a private space that they the residents can feel ownership.  We put the trash area inside the building and are shielding the parking area to provide safe, but attractive storage spaces.   The ground floor is a durable brick finish that can be treated with a graffiti coating.  We are providing windows onto the street at all levels.  We are a small infill building that provides a good scale and texture to the neighborhood.        

Division Design Guidelines
Q: Have you heard of them? If yes, what featured recommendations are you implementing?  
A: I have not heard of them. 

Inclusionary Housing
Q: The city now requires inclusionary housing; how many units and at what levels?
A: We are not providing this because it is a small lot and a small number of units.  The city recognized the difficulty of managing and financing the inclusionary zoning with smaller lots and excluded smaller developments from this requirement.  The project is not removing any existing rental units and is adding to the overall supply of housing.

Q: If you could change one thing about this project what would it be?
A: The owners/developers are very satisfied with the design and told me they would not change anything.

Contractor Traffic & Good Neighbor Agreement
Q: Will you agree to direct all your subcontractors with large trucks (dump trucks and semis) not to use adjacent neighborhood streets and to use SE Division to get to main thoroughfares?  Would you be willing to sign a good neighbor agreement with the RNA to guarantee that?
A: I will need to discuss with the contractor first and discuss more when the owners/developers are back in town.  I do not envision them utilizing any of the smaller neighborhood streets for any reason. 

Questions specific to your site:

  • Q: Can you send us color renderings of the site? Ideally in context to the surrounding area.  
    A: Please see the attached.

  • Q: Can you send us floor plans for the building? 
    A: Please see the attached.


More Details

PDF of Plans and Views for 4130 SE Division