PBOT's Responses to Richmond's Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway Questions

In February 2018 for the RNA General Meeting we had PBOT come and present to us on the Lincoln-Harrison Neighborhood Greenway. 

After their presentation we broke into smaller groups—each led by a member of the RNA Board—where we discussed the project in details and came up with each group's top questions about the project.

While PBOT only had time to answer 2 rounds of questions during the meeting, they promised to answer all the questions collected from the groups. And PBOT's staff has kept true to their word and responded to all the questions from our various groups of members.

PBOT Responses to questions asked at 2/12/18 Richmond Neighborhood Association Meeting

Thanks again to all who came out for a productive and detail-filled meeting.

Each of the 7 groups in the meeting had ~5 prioritized questions. Those were given to them in rounds. Each group got their top question answered, then the next, and then subsequent rounds were collected and sent to PBOT in addition to the original questions. While PBOT's response shows a linear list of questions it's actually a collated list of prioritized questions from each group.

Questions as-sent to PBOT:
2017-02 RNA General Meeting Prioritized Questions for PBOT