The E

The E - 2940 SE Division - Street in foreground is 30th - Street to right is Division

The E - 2940 SE Division - Street in foreground is 30th - Street to right is Division

Location: 2940 SE Division - South Side of Division at 30th next to Kati Thai (map)
Currently: Empty single-family home
Architect: Q U A D
Owner: E LLC
Permit: 2018-127102-000-00-EA
Development: Multi-family residential building (unknown sq ft). 32 residential units.
Unit types: Studios & 1 bedroom
Inclusionary Housing: 5 units
Commercial: None
Parking: 0 parking spaces
Renderings: See Image Above
Additional Info: Neighborhood Contact Form



The RNA Land Use & Transportation Committee Chair tried to reach out to the architect for the project Armin Quilici of Q U A D. 

Why Here?
Q: What factors made you want to develop on this lot ?
A:  Housing at this location will complement the existing multifamily and commercial uses along SE Division that make it such a desirable place to live.

The Market
Q: Obviously you’ve done some market research. Tell us more about the demands you see and how your building helps address them.
A: There is a strong demand for housing throughout the city and especially in neighborhoods that have good access to shopping, transit, schools, parks and other neighborhood amenities.  There is also a demand for affordable housing, which this project provides.  5 of the 32 units will meet new affordability requirements.

Q: Parking in the neighborhood has become increasingly difficult. What part will this new facility plan in that equation.
A: This project does not provide parking.  The project does have good access to transit.  Providing parking on small lots along SE Division St would impact the pedestrian experience.

Commercial Space
Q: You are in a commercially-zoned property. Are you building any commercial space as part of your property?
A: This project does not provide commercial space. 

Great spaces make for great communities
Q: What are you doing to make the place excellent for those who live/work in your place and those who live/work near it?

  • The role of this building is to be in the background and reinforce the urban fabric of SE Division.   
  • Even without commercial spaces, the building design reinforces the hierarchy of the ground floor.
  • Units are designed to maximize light and air.

Division Design Guidelines 
Q: Have you heard of them? If yes, what featured recommendations are you implementing?

  • The massing is broken down into two volumes to reduce the building’s overall scale.
  • The first two floors of the building along the sidewalk are articulated in such a way that ‘reads” as a tall first story.
  • The building steps down on the south side to the residential zone.
  • The transparent lobby and building entrance is protected by a canopy.
  • The primary exterior material will be brick.  Accent materials will include wood siding and metal panels.
  • The façade articulation is simple and responds to the layout of the building.

Inclusionary Housing
Q: The City now requires inclusionary housing; how many units and at what levels?
A: We are providing 5 units (one 1-bedroom and 4 studios) that meet the requirements for inclusionary housing.  One will be on each floor.  

Q: If you could change one thing about this project, what would it be?
A: I would like the zoning code to allow for a greater variety of exterior materials that might include some types of corrugated metal panels.  There are high quality corrugated metal panels available, which are currently not allowed along the SE Division Street Corridor.

Contractor Traffic & Good Neighbor Agreement
Q: Will you agree to direct all your subcontractors with large trucks (dump trucks and semis) not to use adjacent neighborhood streets and to use SE Division to get to main thoroughfares? Would you be willing to sign a good neighbor agreement with the RNA to guarantee that
A: I will review these concerns with the contractor.  I do not envision them utilizing smaller neighborhood streets to get to the site, which is on SE Division.

Questions specific to your site:

Q: Can you send us color renderings of the site? Ideally in context to the surrounding area.
A: Here is a color rendering from the NW Corner (large PDF warning)

Floor Plans?
Q: Can you send us floor plans for the site so that folks can see the general layout for the building?
A: Click the links for a floor plan of the lobby level and for a typical residential level(large PDF warning)

Commercial Ready?
Q: For your similar project next to Pok Pok (3212 SE Division) we requested that 3 of the units facing Division be turned into live-work spaces—akin to what you see at 440X SE Hawthorne—so that we can retain commercial vibrancy on our corridor. 
Tell us more about your plans for commercial ready units in this prime commercial location.
A: The project has basement level residential units which are partially below grade.  The layout of the building does not lend itself to residential units that are easily convertible to commercial space.