41st Avenue Flats

Location: 2515 SE 41st Ave - Just South of Division on 41st, behind Carbide Saw (map)
Currently: Single-Family Residential, 1,164sqft
Architect: upticstudios
Owner: Adam Jones, 2515 SE 41st Ave LLC
Permit: <Not yet in system>
Development: Multi-family residential building. 4 residential condos
Site Plan: 41st Avenue Flats - Site Plan - PDF


The RNA Land Use & Transportation Committee Chair had a chance to talk about the project with the developer Adam Jones.

  • Why here?
    Q: What factors made you want to develop on this lot?
    A: We have a great passion for the SE and Richmond is a favorite neighborhood.  I am a bicyclist and the property fronting on 41st Ave, lying between Clinton St. and Lincoln St., all great biking corridors is a big draw for this project.  Richmond Elementary’s Japanese Immersion program and the newly remodeled/expanded Franklin High School are excellent, not to mention all of the great shops, restaurants and café’s within walking distance (looking forward to the addition of Green Zebra!).
  • The Market
    Q: Obviously you've done some market research. Tell us more about the demands you see and how your building helps address them.
    A: With the great stress on housing in the City, projects that are located along commercial corridors that can assist in adding density while allowing the residential neighborhoods to maintain their character are key.  Demand has been growing and continues to grow for housing in “walkable” locations.  Development of owner occupied properties in those locations has lagged behind rental properties and we want to be a part of the solution for filling that gap as ownership assists in neighborhood stabilization.
  • Parking
    Q: Parking in the neighborhood has become increasingly difficult. What part will this new facility play in that equation?
    A: I see many properties developed in which bicycle parking appears to be an afterthought to meet code.  We are working to create “bicycle garages” as part of our project.  
  • Commercial Space
    Q: You are in a commercially-zoned property. Are you building any commercial space as part of your property?
    A: We are not building any commercial space as part of this project.
  • Great spaces make for great communities
    Q: What are you doing to make the place excellent for those who live/work in your place and those who live/work near it?
    A: Besides making sure our project has a nice connection to the street, we are working on a “green wall” to add a touch of nature and greenery to the project’s street presence.
  • Division Design Guidelines
    Q: What featured recommendations are you implementing?
    A: We are working through many design details and will send drawings that show those details and/or bring them to a requested meeting for neighborhood review.
  • Inclusionary Housing
    Q: The city now requires inclusionary housing; how many units and at what levels?
    A: There is no inclusionary housing required or to be delivered within this project.
  • Change
    Q: If you could change one thing about this project what would it be?
    A: We attempted to increase the size of the project by purchasing the saw shop on the corner of 41st and Division St. and would have loved to have done so.
  • Contractor Traffic & Good Neighbor Agreement
    Q: Will you agree to direct all your subcontractors with large trucks (dump trucks and semis) not to use adjacent neighborhood streets and to use SE Division to get to main thoroughfares?  Would you be willing to sign a good neighbor agreement with the RNA to guarantee that?
    A: While many trucks coming to the site will not be able to turn around on 41st Ave and will need to go to Tibbets or the first street they can turn onto based on the street that particular day, I agree to direct all contractors with large trucks (dump trucks and semis) to use adjacent neighborhood streets to get back onto SE Division as quickly and efficiently as they can and to use SE Division to get to and from main thoroughfare.  I’ll work to be a good neighbor and to keep contractors and material suppliers in compliance with the request to limit their traffic on the adjacent neighborhood streets.

Questions specific to your site:

  • Q1: Can you send us color renderings of the site? Ideally in context to the surrounding area?
    Q2: Can you send us floor plans for the site so that folks can see the general layout for the building?

    A: The architects are working on drawings that will be available on or before a requested meeting date.  I will send the drawings when available whether a meeting is requested or not.