Richmond Neighborhood Parking Permit Program Application

The following is a letter sent by the RNA to PBOTon 2018-04-23 regarding a proposed Parking Permit Program for areas within the Richmond Neighborhood.

Dear PBOT,

Thank you for reaching out to the Richmond Neighborhood Association. We appreciate you and your department reaching out to us, and selecting our neighborhood as one of the finalists for trying the new Area Parking Permit Pilot Program.

Our response revolves around 4 key points:

  1. Modification of Proposed Boundary
  2. Appropriate Times for Study
  3. Request for how Funds Raised by Program are Used
  4. Receptiveness to APP Pilot Area on Blocks just-South of Hawthorne

Modification of Proposed Boundary

To help achieve the goal of 75% use we would like to define the northern border of the proposed area be SE Caruthers St, as shown:

APP Pilot Area - Richmond - Proposed.png

All other borders (East = 29th Ave, West = 42nd Ave & 43rd Ave, & South = SE Clinton) look good for this proposal.

Additionally, we would like to verity that both sides of the boundary streets would be included in the program; as it would be all-too-easy for push our current parking problems from one side of a street to the other.

Appropriate Times for Study

Our proposed time to study the streets for spot usage rates would be during the evenings from about 5-9pm, particularly towards the end of the week Thursday-Saturday.

Request for how Funds Raised by Program are Used

There are 3 key pillars to make parking work in a modern and growing city are:

  1. Remove off-street parking requirements 
  2. Charge the right prices for on-street parking
  3. Spend the parking revenue to improve public services on the metered streets

The problem is, the city is currently only doing the first pillar—Remove off-street parking requirements—in our area neighborhood. Richmond has added 1000+ units and dozens of new businesses in the past 10 years most of which are providing little-to-no parking, as a result the parking situation has gotten much worse for all residents, businesses, and our guests.

The key to making our current situation work is to follow through on the other two pillars:

Charge the right prices for on-street parking
We hope that the Area Parking Permit Pilot Program will prove effective at addressing this pillar. But for that to work for our neighborhood, we really need to see some more in relation to the third pillar.

Spend the parking revenue to improve public services on the metered streets
We really need people to see that the money being raised isn't just disappearing into some general fund. We therefore request that, any funds raised by this program—beyond that which it requires to administer—are directed equally back into the Richmond Neighborhood and into a sister neighborhood with higher need and fewer resources.

This point is critical to the success for our neighborhood long-term, will be critical to gaining enough interest to even adopt the program in the first place, and can help to address some of our area's historical inequities.

Receptiveness to APP Pilot Area on Blocks just-South of Hawthorne

Finally, we received word from the bordering Sunnyside Neighborhood Association that one of the proposed options for them was on the block North of Hawthorne

APP Pilot Area - Sunnyside - Proposed.png

While the Richmond Neighborhood Association's top choice for an Area Parking Permit Pilot Program in our neighborhood is along Division. We ask that PBOT consider adding the block South of Hawthorne between SE 32nd and SE 43rd as part of an Area Parking Permit Program should PBOT decide to work on Sunnyside's Option A. 

Thank you again for your work so far, and we're looking forward to working with you on this project in the months to come.

Richmond Neighborhood Association's Land Use & Transportation Committee Chair
On behalf of the Richmond Neighborhood Association Executive Committee