2515 SE 41st Ave and 4864 SE Caruthers

2515 SE 41st Ave

2515 SE 41st Ave

4864 SE Caruthers

4864 SE Caruthers

Location: 2515 SE 41st Ave and 4864 SE Caruthers
Currently: Empty Lot
Owner: Adam Jones
- 2515 SE 41st Ave - Multi-family residential building 6 residential units with commercial storefront
- 4864 SE Caruthers - Multi-family residential building 6 residential units
Unit types: Studios & 1 bedroom
Inclusionary Housing: None required
Commercial: 2515 SE 41st Ave - 1 space
Parking: 0 parking spaces
Renderings: See Images in posting


Why Here?

Q: What factors made you want to develop on this lot ?
A:  Great location with and opportunity to get into good schools near great transit (including bicycle corridors) with a high walkability factor.

The Market

Q: Obviously you’ve done some market research. Tell us more about the demands you see and how your building helps address them.
A: Much of the new construction in the neighborhood is high end rental, a neighborhood needs to maintain a good percentage of home owners vs. renters for a good balance.  There are plenty of people wanting to buy in the neighborhood and our research shows not enough of the new projects are built for home owners.


Q: Parking in the neighborhood has become increasingly difficult. What part will this new facility plan in that equation.
A:  The project is built in a location and manner that encourages walking, bicycling and transit.  Our passion is to develop properties in a way that promote lifestyles that are not auto dependent.

Great spaces make for great communities

Q: What are you doing to make the place excellent for those who live/work in your place and those who live/work near it?
A: We are creating a quality project that promotes new housing at a price rarely seen in this location which will increase density along the commercial corridor promoting multi-modal transit and additional $ for neighborhood merchants.

Division Design Guidelines 

Q: Have you heard of them? If yes, what featured recommendations are you implementing?
A:  41st Ave has been adjusted to add a commercial storefront to the project as the guidelines require and the exterior design and materials are selected based on the Division Design Guidelines.

 Inclusionary Housing

Q: The City now requires inclusionary housing; how many units and at what levels?
A:  Our projects are a size and scale that do not require inclusionary housing, however, the projects are designed to sell in the 300 to 400K price range that are rarely seen in new construction within these neighborhood locations.


Q: If you could change one thing about this project, what would it be?
A:  We would like to have larger parcels of land for these infill projects while still keeping them to a size and scale that fits well within the neighborhood.

Contractor Traffic & Good Neighbor Agreement

Q: Will you agree to direct all your subcontractors with large trucks (dump trucks and semis) not to use adjacent neighborhood streets and to use SE Division to get to main thoroughfares? Would you be willing to sign a good neighbor agreement with the RNA to guarantee that
A:  With the size of the project sites, size of the streets, cars parked on both sides of the street it is likely not realistic or safe that vehicles would be turning around at the site and heading directly back to Division St.  Much of the traffic will likely turn at Ivon St. and go around the block to get back to Division St. or Cesar Chavez.  I will direct all parties to get back to one of these two through streets ASAP and not to cut through the neighborhood.  I cannot guarantee what someone else will do, but I will coordinate contractors to comply with neighborhood concerns as I do with all construction related issues that could be an annoyance or safety hazard to my neighbors.

PDF: 2515 SE 41st Ave - Floor Plans

PDF: 4864 SE Caruthers - Floor Plans

Notes from Land Use & Transportation Committee

Land Use & Transportation Committee meeting 1/28/19
Adam Jones presented his 2 developments in the Richmond neighborhood. 
*2515 SE 41st Avenue
*vacant lot east of 4864 SE Caruthers
Mr. Jones is developing both properties in the high $300,000-$400,000+ range.
These will both be 6 units, with the 41st Avenue property  having commercial space on the first floor ( potentially 2 offices & 4 housing units).  
The Caruthers property will allow for one unit to be a rental.  
There was discussion of privacy issues and Mr. Jones spoke with the neighbors about ways in which to mitigate their concerns. “

4864 SE Caruthers - NE Corner

4864 SE Caruthers - NE Corner

2515 SE 41st Ave - NE Aerial

2515 SE 41st Ave - NE Aerial