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Congratulations to Elected Richmond Board Members

The following newly elected or re-elected board members were voted in on June 13:
Jan Carlisle
Allen Field
Heather Flint Chatto/Chris Chatto
Jonathan King
Cyd Manro
Elizabeth Williams
Alexandra Zimmermann

Chair: Cyd Manro
Vice-Chair: Elizabeth Williams
Treasurer: Jonathan King
Secretary: Tom McTighe

Candidate Nominations

It has come to the attention of the RNA board that the standing rules recently passed by the RNA were not as inclusive as we would like. One standing rule in particular required candidates to affirm in person, which may have kept viable candidates from joining the roster up for vote this June.
As a way to address this within our vision and mission as a neighborhood association, we have formed a nomination committee, and will take candidate requests until Monday, June 6th at 5pm. Candidacy is open to anyone who lives, owns property, or runs a business in the Richmond neighborhood, is over 18 years old, and who consents to being an RNA member.
If you would like to be considered as a candidate, please send an email stating that you would like to be considered as a candidate to richmondNA@yahoo.com no later than 5pm on Monday, June 6th.  You may also submit a candidate statement of up to 250 words if you like.

June 2016

RNA Board Meeting *voting 6-8pm (anyone in line by 8PM will be able to cast a vote)
Monday, June 13, 7-9 pm @ Waverly Church basement, SE Woodward and 33rd

During our June General Membership meeting:
  • We will accept voting ballots from 6-8pm, the meeting will convene at 7pm
  • We will elect the 2016-17 board of the Richmond Neighborhood Association (RNA) as well as its officers
  • We will consider some changes to the bylaws

Richmond Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting
Monday, June 27, 7-9 pm @ Waverly UCC basement, 3300 SE Woodward

Division Design Committee Meeting
Fourth Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm @ SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main

Sewallcrest Park Herbicide-Free Parks work party – help keep Sewallcrest Park Herbicide Free.

  • 1st Sunday of every month, 10am-noon at Sewallcrest Park, SE 31st and Market.
  • Sewallcrest is one of only three herbicide-free parks in the city.
  • Questions?  contact Caran: 503-777-5980 or carangoodall@comcast.net

Richmond Board Candidates (2016)

The 2016 RNA annual elections will be held on Monday, June 13 at Waverly UCC, 3300 SE Woodward.
We will accept voting ballots from 6-8 PM; the RNA meeting will be held from 7-9 PM.

The following individuals have declared their candidacy for the Richmond Neighborhood Association Board’s 2016 election. There are eight seats available.

Adam Herstein – My name is Adam Herstein and I am running for the Richmond Neighborhood Association board. Our neighborhood has changed a lot in the past few years. As a board member, I will help manage that change and guide it in a way that improves the neighborhood. Everyone deserves to have a livable and vibrant neighborhood in which to live, work, and play. I currently live in the far southeast corner of Richmond, near 52nd and Powell. As a board member, I will give more representation to the eastern half of Richmond. We’re not just the Division Street neighborhood, after all! Another issue that has come up in the past is the trustworthiness of the board. As a board member, I will ensure that I am truthful and honest, to the best of my abilities, and work hard to bolster the trust that is so important to a functioning neighborhood board. I will consider the needs of the neighborhood first and foremost in every decision that I make. I hope that I will earn your vote. The future of our neighborhood depends on a solid board, and you can help do your part with a vote for Adam Herstein.

Alexandra Zimmermann – I’m running for a seat on the RNA board because I want to play an active role in shaping a community that values all neighbors’ backgrounds, experiences, and contributions. With over a decade of experience as a community organizer, I’ve worked with many different groups on matters related to social justice, safe spaces, transportation equity, urban planning, and the arts. As a trained peer facilitator, I’m eager to hear your concerns, connect with other neighborhood groups, and work to make community resources available to all.

Allen FieldI am seeking a board seat so I can continue to help Richmond remain a great place to live.  I was a board member for 11 years but was not on the board last year.  I have served the community for 13 years in many ways and on many projects.  I am the RNA’s liquor license representative; I drafted all of the RNA’s Good Neighbor Agreements the past 11 years.  I am chair of the RNA’s Community Spaces committee.  I am the RNA’s liaison for Richmond’s annual Friends of Trees planting.  I have organized the free movie in Sewallcrest Park the past 7 years, including the 4 Filmusik Live Soundtrack events.  I help to organize the Richmond Cleanup and run the Cleanup Plant Sale.  I am the manager at Sewallcrest Community Garden and on the Board of Friends of Portland Community Gardens – my goal is to establish another community garden in SE Portland. I am the Site Steward for the Sewallcrest Off-Leash Area.  I worked with PBOT to create the Division St. Pedestrian Safety & Sidewalk Plan to make Division safer.  I served as the Richmond Newsletter co-editor for many years and deliver the newsletter.  I manage the RNA’s block party barricades for loan to neighbors.  I ran 6-month Richmond One-Can-a-Month Recycling Challenge to help families switch from weekly to monthly garbage pickup. I have served on a dozen advisory committees relating to land-use, parking, and other issues affecting the neighborhood.  I am passionate about helping our neighborhood.

Brian Hochhalter – I’ve lived in the Richmond neighborhood since 1994 and was born and raised in Portland. As a recruiter and manager in the professional staffing industry for over 30 years, I have striven to be an honest broker between candidates and employers. My goal as a board member would be to represent to the best of my ability, the needs and values of ALL that live and work in the neighborhood. The difficulty in achieving that goal rests in part on the RNA’s ability to solicit and gather broad based input from the community, and is one of the bigger challenges facing the RNA. The RNA is neither a government nor political entity by charter, yet political influences are pervasive. Many neighbors aren’t inclined to engage in political entanglements and are often ignored whereas those most active or vocal are able to take advantage of that vacuum. How can the RNA reach out to those in the community, not comfortable with or interested in politics, yet have opinions and values regarding the neighborhood in which they live? Filling that vacuum is a challenge that I would like the RNA to meet head-on. As a board member, I would attempt to remain flexible and open to change in light of community input, even if that information conflicts with any of my own deeply held personal beliefs and preferences. Thank you for your consideration. It would be a privilege to serve the community via the RNA board if elected.

Chris Chatto – My name is Chris Flint Chatto, I am running for re-election to the Richmond Neighborhood Association, with the hope of sharing the seat with my wife, Heather Flint Chatto.  We are both sustainable design professionals (I am a principal at ZGF Architects, with degrees in architecture, economics, and English), and committed residents of Richmond (homeowners since 2010).  We have been on the board since 2012, and during that time we have worked for more community input on the development that is changing our community and positively influence the design of our neighborhood.  As parents and car-free residents, we are also very supportive of mixed-use, walkable and complete neighborhoods, accessible and convenient transit, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and community resilience. We are also passionate about sustainable community building, vibrant cities, and missing middle housing. We also support well designed density and compact urban infill. We have the expertise to juggle these complex issues that are often painted as black and white but are nuanced shades of grey when creating policy and implementation. Together we bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience that can help lead our neighborhood in a proactive positive, sustainable direction. If re-elected, we will continue to help with creative solutions, engage you in making your voice heard and supporting your vision for the future in the neighborhood and at the City.

Cyd Manro – I have lived in the Richmond Neighborhood longer than anywhere else. I love it here, and consider it a privilege to have served on the RNA board of directors these past 6 years. In that time, I have edited and delivered the newsletter, served on the communications committee, sustainability committee, steering committee for the Division Design Initiative, and am the current chair of the board. As chair, I have worked to improve the culture of this board. I have opened the agenda up so that the executive committee decides (previously it had just been the chair). RNA members can fill out a request for agenda time. Meeting attendees can now influence the agenda. I’ve created more space for committees to present and report. I take straw polls. I listen. I formatted the December meeting to share accomplishments of the RNA and its committees and to check if goals had been met. I created a January retreat designed to develop team-building and group decision-making skills. I led the creation of a vision, and a process to set goals. I created space at the end of each meeting for feedback about attendees’ experiences. I want to continue to increase accessibility to the RNA as a place to make decisions about how Richmond can be an even more livable, thriving, and equitable place for all in which to live. I ask that you elect me to another term to serve as board chair of the RNA. Thank you.

Doug Klotz – I walk, bike, and drive in our neighborhood, like many of you.   I want to work with everyone to make sure that we all can move around safely, and that housing, shops and services are convenient to all residents. I have been RNA Land Use Chair for 20 years. I have worked with neighbors, applicants and city staff on many land use issues. I served on two committees that rewrote zoning code, and I understand how the code applies to projects and how the approval process works. I understand planning principles that guide decisions, and how neighborhoods can affect them. I co-founded the pedestrian group Oregon Walks 25 years ago, and have been on the city’s Pedestrian Committee since then. I know how city and regional transportation policies affect neighborhoods, and the dynamics at work on our streets. Today, economic, demographic and global changes are impacting our neighborhood. I want us to discuss how we can proactively cope with these changes, and preserve a livable place for all Richmonders, while being responsible citizens of the city and the planet. I would like to see the RNA look at the bigger picture– what changes are happening across the city and how do they affect us? How we can guide these changes to our benefit, and how do our issues affect the rest of the city?   I care about the Richmond neighborhood, and would like to use the benefits of my experience to continue making Richmond better for all of us.

Elizabeth Williams – The Richmond Neighborhood Plan of 1994 states, “Richmond is a place where diversity is welcomed, and all community members are honored, included and protected.” It is important that our Neighborhood Association Board reflects the neighborhood population it serves. I will bring a voice to the Board for renters which the 2010 data shows, make up 40.5% of our neighborhood. I fall in the largest age demographic that makes of 12.4% of our neighborhood, and am a Conflict Resolution student at PSU. My husband and I are small business owners, North St. Bags, and members of the Division Clinton Business Association. We provide the community with jobs and bring visitors to the business corridor. We have been active in the HAND community for 4 years; participating in DCBA street fairs, connecting with other small business owners and are heavily involved members at St. David of Wales Episcopal Church. I have concerns about business patron driving behaviors and would like to work with the DCBA on a marketing and education campaign that supports safer driving in our neighborhood. I have spent the past 10 years of my career working in community organizing and community development in Chicago, New York City and now Portland. My career in Portland has brought me to the City Club of Portland, our region’s civic engagement nonprofit. My work to make Portland a better place for everyone is rooted in our neighborhood. Thank you for the opportunity to get involved!

Heather Flint Chatto – I am urban planner, sustainable design professional and policy consultant, and I have worked in local government as a long-range planner, for environmental nonprofits, and small design/build firms helping to create examples of innovative green buildings and revitalized communities. In my current nonprofit work, I help with policy implementation, strategic planning, and education at statewide levels to advance zero energy buildings. Throughout my 17 years of experience in sustainable city planning, policy and green building, I have always worked to educate community members so they have the tools they need to be active participants in their future. I am passionate about community planning and always seek to build consensus, to consider all view-points, and create recommendations for positive solutions. As RNA board members, we have a responsibility to be representatives for the shared values and priorities of our neighborhood and not our own personal positions. Since my husband Chris Chatto and I joined the board in 2012, we have been actively working to helping make the neighborhood’s voice heard. I started the Division Design Initiative in collaboration with our business association and neighboring associations to help collectively shape a vision for SE Division and give the community more voice in the future planning and growth of neighborhood through new Division Design Guidelines. I have worked tirelessly as your advocate for public input and community priorities. If re-elected, I will continue to help support the neighborhood to be informed and involved in planning, design, and development policy in our growing City.

Jan Carlisle – I am Jan Marie Caballero Carlisle and I have lived in the Richmond neighborhood for almost five years. I started as a renter with my then-boyfriend in the fall of 2011 and fell in love with the neighborhood. Now my boyfriend-turned-husband and I have a family and are now homeowners. I am running for the board because Richmond is the first place I’ve ever truly felt at home. Because of this, I would strive to help make our neighborhood an even better place to live. Safety is my first priority. I aim to have safer streets for our children, our senior citizens, and our neighborhood animals. I am a Southeast Asian woman of color raised by two immigrant parents with a working class background. If I were elected to the RNA I would bring diversity, inclusivity, and compassion to the board.

Jonathan King – Before moving to Portland nearly eight years ago, I was an Oregon State University business professor who taught management and environmental courses for nearly 30 years. My passion and commitment was to work with colleagues and students to improve the quality of OSU’s educational and campus experiences. I served on a number of committees including the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and chaired the University Curriculum Council for several years. Currently, I am working on a proposal for making the OSU campus even more pedestrian and bike friendly in ways that are highly beneficial. My wife and I chose to retire in the Richmond neighborhood because we love its character, friendliness, and vibrancy. I have been fortunate to serve on the Richmond Neighborhood Board of Directors since 2010, as Treasurer since 2011, as Neighborhood CleanUp Coordinator since 2014, and as the Richmond Neighborhood News Coordinator starting this spring. I have also served as the Richmond Neighborhood Emergency Team Leader. In 2013, with the assistance of Callie Jones, I initiated four neighborhood disaster preparation workshops with roughly one hundred of our neighbors attending each one.  It reinforced my commitment to working together in an atmosphere of mutual trust to improve the quality of our lives as neighbors and global citizens. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue as a Board member serving our neighborhood.

Matt Otis – Make Richmond Great Again, Once More™ I know people in this neighborhood, lots of good people, they’re really the best. And if you vote for me I’ll help make sure those best people become bester. Vote for me and I will build a wall across our entire Southern border. And you know who I’m going to make pay for it? ODOT! I have lots of business chops too. I’m worth literally tens of dozens of dollars and I made that money all on my own. I’m literally financing this entire campaign all on my own. Sure I mean you’re welcome to donate, but the point is, I’ve got this. Also I’m highly educated. I know words. I have the best words. – Those little bronze statues? I’m gonna yarn bomb those suckers so hard they won’t know what happened to them. – All pedestrian crosswalks will become portals, that way cars never have to stop. You just walk up to one side, and poof you’re on the other side. It’s gonna be amazing. – We’re just going to stop all cars from entering Clinton Street until whoever is in charge can figure out what the heck is going on. -I’ll make sure the line at Salt ‘n Straw has a shortcut for all local residents. You’re going straight to the front! Believe me, I can do that stuff so easy. You’re going to be so happy. At the end of a couple of months you’re going to say, “Wow, what a difference.”

Paul Newton – As a native Portlander who grew up in SE Portland and has lived in the Richmond area since 1989, I have seen enormous changes in the neighborhoods of Portland. Most of the changes have been positive, as the city in general is much improved from the late 1980’s. The changes we see now in the SE neighborhoods have not always been so rapid, however, and there is currently much neighborhood charm and beauty that is disappearing through rapid development and infilling and traffic flow changes in an obviously willy-nilly fashion. Charming old buildings and 100 year old houses disappear weekly, so it appears. Ugly box condos and new traffic barriers that make little sense are quickly implemented with little thought of “unintended consequences” to noise, traffic, parking, access to air and light and increased litter. Dubious “improvements” to the neighborhood appear with alarming frequency; it’s often unclear how or why such improvements are implemented. My interest in the participating in the Richmond Board is to help ensure that all points of view get heard in the changes in the neighborhoods, as it’s clear that sometimes not all voices are being heard. Due process is easily lost in the local politics and the local tensions that come about during rapid development. Polite politics isn’t required, but civilized discourse and rational change is always necessary. I don’t have any particular agenda to pursue, but I’m interested preserving the beauty, charm and livability of our great neighborhood.

May 2016

RNA Board Special Session 
Tuesday, May 3, 7-9 pm @ Waverly Church basement, SE Woodward and 33rd

  • Agenda: to discuss election procedure

RNA Board Meeting
Monday, May 9, 7-9 pm @ Waverly Church basement, SE Woodward and 33rd


  • Update on how zoning changes affect Richmond (Presentation)  Marty Stockton
  • Propose an RNA letter to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (Decision) Cyd Manro
  • Clinton Street Diverters (Presentation)  Rich Newlands
  • Candidates are announced for June elections (Presentation) Candidates
  • Election reform committee proposal (Decision)  Cyd Manro

Division Design Committee Meeting
Fourth Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm @ SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main

Sewallcrest Park Herbicide-Free Parks work party – help keep Sewallcrest Park Herbicide Free.

  • 1st Sunday of every month, 10am-noon at Sewallcrest Park, SE 31st and Market.
  • Sewallcrest is one of only three herbicide-free parks in the city.
  • Questions?  contact Caran: 503-777-5980 or carangoodall@comcast.net


Richmond Spring 2016 Newsletter


Call for candidates – join the Richmond board

Update May 4, 2016: In the RNA’s most recent regular meeting, standing rules were passed requiring candidates to declare their candidacy in person at a meeting no later than one meeting before the General Membership meeting at which the election will occur.  That means that any candidates must declare their candidacy in person at the meeting on May 9th.


The Richmond Neighborhood Association (RNA) elections are just around the corner!

In June, we will be electing or re-electing at least eight board members.

We have new election rules in place.

  1. Declare your candidacy: You must declare your candidacy in person at an RNA meeting prior to election night.
    If you have any interest in joining the RNA board please come to the next regular meeting on Monday, May 9th to declare your candidacy. This next regular RNA meeting is your last chance to run for a board seat in our June 2016 election.
  2. Candidate statements: If possible, we’d like you to bring a short candidate statement with you to the meeting. It doesn’t have to be a formal essay, just 250 words (or less) about why you would like to join the RNA board. But don’t worry if your candidate statement isn’t ready for the May meeting.
    Candidate statements are voluntary, and can be accepted until May 23rd.

We believe that the RNA should be representative of the entire neighborhood. We need diverse voices and new energy on the board. So please come to the regular May meeting (details below) to explore running for a board seat. And if you don’t have the time or the interest in running for a board seat, please share this message with your neighbors. Let’s shine a light on the election process and get more people involved on the local level!

RNA regular board meeting
Monday, May 9, 2016
7 pm – 9 pm
Waverly Heights Congregational United Church of Christ
3300 SE Woodward St.
Enter through the east side door for the basement meeting room.

April 2016

RNA Board Meeting
Monday, April 11, 7-9 pm @ Waverly Church basement, SE Woodward and 33rd


  • Introductions/Minutes/Announcements (15 minutes)
  • Committee Reports (30 minutes)
  • SE Hawthorne/Salmon Project Traffic Impact Update (15 minutes) Matthew Gough
  • SE Richmond – South Tabor Sewer Project (15 minutes) Joe Tulsi
  • Consider Election Reform Committee proposal (70 minutes) Brendon Haggerty

Communications Committee Meeting
Sunday, April 17, 2-3:30pm @ Hedge House

Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting
Monday, April 25th 7:00-9:00pm @ Waverly Church, SE Woodward and SE 33rd
  • On Buildings, Swans, and the Climate Crisis – Could practical avenues be emerging to keep fossil fuels in the ground? Zack Semke, Director of Business Development with construction company Hammer & Hand, will share how unexpected developments in renewable energy, efficiency, and urbanism provide reasons for hope.
  • Better Transit on Division – How can Trimet and Portland make the #4 bus better? Jennifer Koozer of Trimet will introduce a project to figure that out.  Ideas include higher capacity, articulated buses, more bus shelters, and intersection improvements.

Ethics Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 27th
6:30-9:30pm @ TBD

Division Design Committee Meeting
Fourth Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm @ SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main

Sewallcrest Park Herbicide-Free Parks work party – help keep Sewallcrest Park Herbicide Free.

  • 1st Sunday of every month, 10am-noon at Sewallcrest Park, SE 31st and Market.
  • Sewallcrest is one of only three herbicide-free parks in the city.
  • Questions?  contact Caran: 503-777-5980 or carangoodall@comcast.net

2016 Richmond Cleanup, Rummage Sale and Plant Sale/Swap

Saturday, May 21, 9am–1 pm
Central Christian Church,  1844 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd. (between Harrison & Hawthorne)

  • $15-$25/car or truck, depending on size of load
  • Items collected:  Please see the list of ACCEPTABLE AND NON-ACCEPTABLE ITEMS 
  • Please recycle paper and cardboard at your curbside curbside and refrain from bringing it to the Cleanup.
  • Pro-tip: Farwest Fibers accepts block styrofoam for free.  Farwest also accepts non-curbside plastic.
  • Huge Rummage Sale:  household items, furniture, gardening tool, books, clothes — you set the price!
  • Plant Sale:  Huge selection of annuals, perennials, bulbs, veggie starts, seeds, plastic pots, hanging baskets.  Staffed by Master Gardener, Landscape Architect, and native plant expert.
  • Want to volunteer? Three 2-hour shifts available – food provided plus free drop-off of a load of ACCEPTABLE waste/recyclables.

Questions? Contact richmondcleanup@gmail.com or call 503-206-6529.

The Cleanup is put on in conjunction with Metro, SE Uplift, and the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

March 2016

RNA Board Meeting
Monday, March 14, 7-9 pm @ Waverly Church basement, SE Woodward and 33rd


  • Committee Reports, including Elections, Division Design Initiative, Open Space, and more (75 mins)
  • RNA Notification Policy (15 minutes)
  • Letter of Support Decision – Fix Our Streets Portland (15 minutes)


RNA Notification & Community Engagement Policy

Communications Committee Meeting
Saturday, March 12, 10-11:30 am @ TBD


NEW! Land Use/Transportation Committee meeting
Monday, March 28, 7-9 PM @ Waverly UCC,  3300 SE Woodward


  • Residential zones and Mixed Use Zone proposals
    • Marty Stockton of the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability will discuss several elements of the city’s ongoing Comprehensive Plan Update
  • 4926 SE Division Mixed Use Project (with Green Zebra Market)
    • David Mullens from Urban Development Group will present plans for a 4-story Mixed Use building at the SW corner of Division and 50th


Ethics Committee Meeting
Wednesday, March 30, 6:30-9:30pm @ Waverly Church basement, SE Woodward and 33rd

Division Design Committee Meeting
Fourth Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm @ SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main

Sewallcrest Park Herbicide-Free Parks work party – help keep Sewallcrest Park Herbicide Free.

  • 1st Sunday of every month, 10am-noon at Sewallcrest Park, SE 31st and Market.
  • Sewallcrest is one of only three herbicide-free parks in the city.
  • Questions?  contact Caran: 503-777-5980 or carangoodall@comcast.net