The Richmond Neighborhood Association is one of the most active neighborhood coalitions within the entire City of Portland. This group originated in response to concerns over Portland’s Model Cities program participation in 1968. In 1974, the group organized considerable citizen input as part of the proposed Mt. Hood Freeway fiasco. At the time, the State of Oregon had plans to construct a four-lane freeway connecting Highway 26 to Interstate 5 roughly following Division Street, through the heart of Richmond. The plans were ultimately dropped due to public opposition and budget concerns.

In recent times, the Association has actively participated in the City’s Division Corridor and Code Update Projects. The group also successfully fought, all the way to the Court of Appeals, a proposal by a local fast food operator to demolish housing on SE 39th for a drive through fast food restaurant near the already over capacity intersection of 39th & Hawthorne.

The Richmond Neighborhood Association is a leader in the City for supporting anti-bias and anti-crime activities.

RNA initiated this neighborhood plan on its own after years of not being included in the City of Portland’s neighborhood plan scheduling. With the City now supporting district plan concepts, RNA’s neighborhood plan promises to be the last true neighborhood plan developed within the City.

Source: Richmond Neighborhood Plans, Adopted by RNA June 2013.

To view our bylaws, please see here:  ByLaws 6-2013.


On the north: Hawthorne Boulevard
On the east: SE 50th Avenue between Hawthorne and Division and SE 52nd Avenue between Division and Powell
On the south: Powell Boulevard
On the west: SE 29th Avenue from Hawthorne to SE Grant St, SE 28th Pl. from  Grant St. to Division St., and SE 29th Ave. from Division to Powell Blvd