Richmond Neighborhood Association

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is established for the purpose of ensuring that the Richmond Neighborhood Association (RNA) Board members maintain appropriate standards of ethical conduct in representing and participating in the organization. It is a statement of our principles that apply to all who are implementing the goals and activities undertaken by the Richmond Neighborhood Association.

  1. RNA Board members shall comply with the City of Portland’s Standards for Neighborhood Associations, District Coalitions, Business Associations and Office of Neighborhood Involvement (“NA Standards”).
  2. RNA Board members agree to abide by all the requirements for public meetings and public records as outlined in the NA Standards. Board members understand that outside of the RNA’s regularly scheduled public meetings, or unless as allowed under the RNA’s Bylaws, a quorum of Board members (5 or more) may not vote or discuss matters on which the Board may vote, whether by email, private meeting, or otherwise.
  3. RNA Board members shall treat one another with dignity and respect and shall treat each other fairly and equally. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated or used to intimidate other RNA Board members.
  4. RNA Board members shall not make public statements representing the views of the organization without approval of the Board, or of the Chair if the Board is unable to vote on the matter. The Chair is the official spokesperson of the RNA. Board members may make public statements about RNA actions or positions to the extent of relaying how the Board voted on a particular matter or issue.
  5. Expenditures over $100 require Board approval. Expenditures of $100 and under can be approved by the Chair or Treasurer, which the Treasurer will report on at the next RNA meeting.
  6. RNA Board members shall not use the official logo of the RNA without approval of the Board.
  7. The Board shall not take positions in support of or opposition to any political candidate or party. However, it may take positions on ballot measures and referendums.
  8. Board members shall not present or vote on matters in which they have a direct financial or personal interest.
  9. The RNA strives to provide notice and an opportunity to be heard to all interested persons on matters which are, or may be, controversial or contested. The Board shall make a good faith effort to give actual notice to interested persons on the different sides of controversial or contested issues before the matter is presented to the Board.