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Richmond Ready is a group of Richmond residents who are interested in emergency preparedness and building community. We aim to educate and inform neighbors on ways to be more prepared for any type of emergency. We also support efforts to work together neighbor by neighbor, block by block to become part of a more resilient community in the case of a natural or man-made disaster such as earthquake, fire, chemical release, water contamination, and flood.

A goal for this group is to be inclusive by using a crowdsourcing model to hear what neighbors want to learn more about. We also hope that neighbors who are preparing themselves, their homes or their neighbors will step up to lead or partake in a forum. After all, the best way to learn something is through the stories and experiences of others!


Fun Fact:
Just for kicks, check out this website if the topic of Preparedness is too heavy for you and causes you to shrug up your shoulders and say “it is what it is.” It might help you to have a good laugh at preparedness in Portland before coming to your senses that we all need to what we can to be prepared and not rely on others to help us out if the big one hits! Enjoy!