Land Use & Transportation

Land Use & Transportation are at the heart of how our community is shaped. Come join us at our meetings to help dive deeper and shape what our local response is to current projects and actions.

Land Use Meetings are 6-7 pm, right before the RNA’s monthly meetings at Waverly Church, the 2nd Monday of the month

Richmond Updates & Developments: Land Use News

Land Use Resources

With these three websites you can find out just about anything related to land use throughout the city:, and BPS's Planning Site 
This site is actively maintained by the city and is the hub for almost any question you might have about properties, zonings, future planning, etc. Make sure to look through the Portland Maps Gallery for some of the best maps any city in the US provides about itself. Here's some of my favorites:
This site is not maintained by the city, but they do attempt to follow the latest news to keep up to date on upcoming projects and such.


BPS's Planning Site
Current city-wide projects that might impact Richmond


Transportation Resources