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Emergency Kits (Stay Kits & Go Kits)

Your emergency kit is your life line to surviving the aftermath of an earthquake. It can also help out in other situations such as hazardous weather conditions or a chemical spill where you might be unable to leave your home for days, power outages where the power goes out in the entire area for days, or any instance that would change your access to the necessities of life. Depending upon what the situation is will determine whether you need to stay in place or evacuate, and will therefore determine whether you will need your stay kit or your go kit.

What the difference between the two types of kits?

A stay kit is exactly how it sounds. It is a kit that you would use if you need to stay in place and not leave your dwelling or workplace for an undetermined amount of time. A stay kit can contain 2 or more weeks of supplies since you can fill containers that would essentially remain in place.

A go kit would have minimal supplies and important documents in it. It would need to be easily carried if you are required to evacuate (think fire or flood situations). Many people use a backpack/daypack or wheeled luggage to fill as their go kit.

And don't forget about making a car kit! This would be handy if you get stranded (sudden snow storm up on the mountain) or are out and about and find yourself having to "stay" at work due to a situation where you would be advised to remain where you are.

To find out more about what to put into your stay and go kits, check out the following links: