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Quick Tips

Quick and inexpensive ways to begin your road to preparedness!

We will probably be adding others to this list as we evolve, but the idea is to provide you with the most basic essential steps that you can take towards being more prepared!

  • Sign up for local alerts! (publicalerts.org)
  • Store water (1 gallon a day per person for 2 weeks! See "Get Started" section)
  • Place a pair of shoes underneath your bed (you are asleep for 40% of a day, the chances are greater that we will be sleeping when an earthquake occurs)
  • Check/replace the batteries in your flashlights and head lamps
  • Get a multi powered (solar, wind-up) weather radio to receive local announcements
  • Create a family reunification plan and distribute it to all members of the family
  • Assign an out-of-state family member or friend to be your main point of contact
  • Organize your financial documents (bank accounts, mortgage papers, wills, birth certificates, etc) and save them on two secure thumb drives. Put one in your "go kit" and send one to a trusted person outside of the Cascadia earthquake zone.