Jett Black

Hello, my name is Jett Black. My partner and I are recent transplants from the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood and have proudly called the Richmond neighborhood home for two years. My goals for being on the board are to assist in the continuing healthy growth of our wonderful community and help improve the lives of those who live here while bringing their voices forward.
I believe the community should have vital input into the decisions made by the board and ensure all residents are fairly and appropriately represented. As our neighborhood continues to experience the inevitable changes of a growing and prospering city, I would like to see all future growth in our community — however perceived — is reasonable and measured so that we may all enjoy the benefits of living in this amazing urban environment.

In seeking this position as a local Realtor at Inhabit Real Estate and a local business owner, I bring many years of customer service experience. I believe my skills would allow me the flexibility to listen to the wants and needs of neighbors from an objective position while being mindful of their point of view as well.

By serving on the board, I expect to contribute to the continued growth and success of our neighborhood.

Thank you,