Sharon Hatch

I am a native Portlander who has lived in the Richmond neighborhood since 2012, with a commitment to safety, livability, sustainability, and equitable representation in our neighborhood. I am an operations executive for a national physical therapy provider, a mother of two young children, and passionate about volunteering and being an active participant in my community. Having lived through so much change in Portland generally, and in this neighborhood specifically, I am running for the board so that I can have an impact as the neighborhood continues to grow and change at a rapid pace.  If Iā€™m elected I pledge to put the needs and interests of the greater neighborhood first, above my own personal opinions and beliefs if there is a conflict.  I am particularly interested in finding ways to outreach and listen to those members of our neighborhood whose voices may otherwise go unheard or be overshadowed.   Thank you for your consideration, and I hope for the opportunity to serve the Richmond community.