Congratulations to our new and returning board members!

  • Jett Black
  • Chrystal Brim
  • Allen Field
  • Sharon Hatch
  • Jonathan King
  • Matt Otis
  • Kat West

And we still have another position open on the board, if you’re interested in being on the board please let us know.


Use your Ballot ID to verify your vote was counted correctly:
2018 Richmond Neighborhood Election - Official Results & Verification Info

The election results as initially announced at the meeting were:
1. Allen Field
1. Kat West
3. Jonathan King
4. Matt Otis
4. Jett Black
6. Sharon Hatch
7. Chyrstal Brim

Later it was discussed that the majority criterion in the bylaws requires 50%+1 of the vote. Matt & Jett were right at 50% even, so that bumped them off the list, leaving only 3 people seated at the end of the election. That concluded the election leaving the board of 15 with 5 empty seats.

Note: Places 4-6 were so close it required a recount, those results are below.

Board Vote

Executive Summary

  • Only 3 seats were filled via the election
  • The board was left with 5 empty seats
  • The bylaws state the board votes to fill vacancies
  • The board voted to fill the vacancies with those who volunteered as candidates
  • Recount moved one of the appointed people to an elected person
  • There is still a seat vacant on the board

Empty seats

The RNA Board is composed of 15-members.
When there are empty seats there are multiple provisions in the Richmond Neighborhood Association Bylaws that state what actions to take.

  • The board or the chair can fill vacancies at any meeting. 
  • Outside of elections only the Board can vote to fill those vacancies, or the chair can appoint a person. 
  • There were five vacancies to be filled.

References in Bylaws:

Motion to Fill Empty Seats

In accordance to the rules above the motion was made and seconded:

To appoint Chrystal, Jett, Sharon, and Matt to the board

Additional context by the board member presenting the motion:

Because our goal is to be inclusive and encourage participation, and in order to include people who were eager to volunteer for the neighborhood, we should appoint the individuals who wanted to serve on the board.

The motion passed 5-2.

Therefore the current board with 14 of 15 members stands as:

Odd-year terms: 
Brian Hochhalter, Brendon Haggerty, Erik Matthew, Jessica Gillard, Lauren Scherr, Rob Mumford, Susan Beal, and an open seat
Even-year terms: 
Allen Field, Chrystal Brim, Jett Black, Jonathan King, Kat West, Matt Otis, and Sharon Hatch


Because the election was so close a recount was in order.
Upon recounting the election results stand as.
1. Allen Field
1. Kat West
3. Jonathan King
4. Sharon Hatch
5. Matt Otis
5. Jett Black
7. Chyrstal Brim

Positions 4-6 are still within 2 votes each, and all candidates were well-received by the community at-large with no candidate pulling in under 40% of the vote.

See all ballots—including your own—here:
2018 Richmond Neighborhood Election - Official Results & Verification Info