Voting Times and Locations are:

  • Sunday, June 10

    • 8-10pm - Olympia Provisions Public House, 34th & Division
  • Monday, June 11

    • 8-10am - Seven Virtues Coffee, 35th & Hawthorne
    • 11-1pm - Atlas Pizza, 3570 SE Division St.
    • 6-8pm - Waverley Heights Congregational United Church, 3300 SE Woodward St.


  1. Review the Candidates - Candidate List & Statements
  2. Get your ballot
    1. Either print your own ballot - Printable Ballot
    2. Or get a ballot at an official voting location
  3. Go to one of the Voting Locations
  4. Sign-in and consent to be a member of the Richmond Neighborhood Association
  5. Get your unique Ballot ID from an elections worker
    1. You will also have a record of your unique Ballot ID and a link to later use to check that your ballot was properly recorded
  6. Put your ballot—with unique Ballot ID—into the ballot box
  7. Once all ballots are recorded, we'll post the anonymous voting logs and you can use your Unique Ballot ID to verify that your vote was counted correctly.